Archive: St Peter's, Gloucester

A.D. 682. Æthelred, king of Mercia, to the church of St Peter, Gloucester; grant of privileges. English.


In seo nama of wre heland cryst wurthmynt of god and for hale of myne sawle ye ædelred myd fwltwne of ælmyhtey god cynyg of merchnrich' habbeang mylda willan to god and haly cyric and to st[a]thelon ryhtwisnesse freonesses and habbeange swa[s]wa myne welbylyfod osryc ge gyf to seo cyric of haly peetre æt glocestre yc wil and yc getithige thæt seo sylfa haly stowe swa fre ge beo swa swa thæt was tha tha myne lyfod osryc thæt hæfad and thæt seo theowan of god thær weald and myta of eall' thyng habben swa swa osryc hæfad and swa yc macyed hyt to be alysed and schildyd of eall' gealden and wyton and yc wyll' thæt nea mann of mynn ne othth' cynnesmann bycon seo habberon othth' men of seo sylfan stowe myd ærdelyc othth' wordelyc myht othth' lage anh't do yn thylc stowe ongayne seo wyll' of seo habberys of than stowe for thæt yc yn myne schyldyngnesse stathel and eall' thæt hye habben. Thys was ge wreten and ge gyfe wyd seo wyll' of swyde wale dryht' in ceo mycel gadryenge and sommonga thæt ate glocestre wæs hefed seo geora of wre dryh' .dclxxxii.DATING CLAUSE and swa hwa swa seo freonesse gyf and statheled to thæt haly cyryc ge breacad ic bydde god thæt thron of seo boc of lyf hys namann be dryfed and eall' thæt gefycad othth' schylded seo freonesse and ryhtwysnesse of thæt haly stowe wyd eall' halgwynen etnesse hy synden anen.

And forthan ye wyll' thæt thyl[c] stathelyng of gedan and freonesse gyfe yn eall' tydene obyden ye adelred toe thys boc seo tacne of cryche oan ge seo sette + and myd mygne handa sette hyt ofre seo weofed.