The project's director and researcher wish to thank the British Academy's generous financial support for this pilot project. In addition we would like to acknowledge those who have helped us to reach this stage. Serious thanks must go to Sean Miller from whose website the full texts of the charters were taken; his labours have been of enormous use to all those interested in the study of Anglo-Saxon England. At Cambridge, Simon Keynes and Rebecca Rushforth (of Revised Electronic Sawyer fame), have given their interest and experience. At King's, Joy Jenkyns' (Langscape) support and co-operation has been extremely useful, as has that of the Durham Liber Vitae 's Andrew Wareham, whose moral and scholarly assistance has been much appreciated. Thanks too to Prof. John Blair who gave his backing to the project at an early stage, and to Eleonora Litta Modignani who helped with editing and proof-reading. A mention should also go to Heidi Ortmann who, with Alex Burghart, first experimented with Anglo-Saxon charter mark-up some years ago. For their administrative prowess and calm special thanks go to Helen Skundric, Sarah Davenport (CCH) and Laura Clayton (Department of History). The project's greatest collective debt goes to the combined expertise, energy, and excitability of CCH, under its reboutable director, Harold Short.