Archive: Worcester

After A.D. 822 x 823. Memorandum concerning King Ceolwulf's request for land at Bromsgrove, Worcs., from Bishop Heahberht and his community, and a consequent attempt by Wulfheard to obtain possession of Inkberrow, Worcs. English.


+ Ceolulf rex wilnade þæs londes æt Bremesgrefan to Heaberht biscop 7 to his [higun] 7 þa sende he his erendwreocan to Wulfheard to Intanbeorgum 7 heht þæt he cuome to him 7 [to þæ]m higum þa dede he swæ þa hio him to spræcon se biscop 7 his weotan ymb þæt lond þæt he his him geuþe þæt hio maehten þone freodom begeotan 7 þa wæs he eaðmodlice ondeta þæt he swæ wulde 7 to him wilnende wæs þætte hio him funden suelce londare swelce he mid arum on [b]eon maehte 7 his wic þære on byrig on his life . þa sende he monn to þæm ærcebiscope 7 to Eadberhte 7 to Dynne 7 him heht segcgan þæt he wilnade þæs londes æt Intanbeorgan . þa se ærcebiscop 7 Eadberht 'hit wæron' erndiende to cyninge þa cuom Dynne to gelærde þone cyninge þæt he his no geþæf wæs þa wæs higen 7 hlaforde lond unbefliten æghuæs 7 sioþþan a oþ his daga ende.